Investment loan

Investment loan is a long-term loan for corporate customers, intended for business development and financing of various investment projects. Loan may be granted to companies, which plan to acquire or renew equipment, purchase or construct manufacturing buildings or other real estate, implement new business ideas, invest to other companies, etc., when companies have approval for EU structural funds allocation.

Main conditions for obtaining investment loan

  • Amount of credit and return period depends on evaluation of company’s financial possibilities and project applied for funding;
  • Approved EU structural funds allocation for the project;
  • Loan term is from 12 months;
  • Minimum loan amount is 500 000 EUR;
  • Loan is given in euro;
  • Variable or fixed interest rate, depending on the base interest rate is determined for investment loan;
  • Interest is counted each month and must be paid prior to the first working day of each month;
  • Loan may be secured by mortgaging land and buildings, other movable and/or immovable property and financial assets (deposit and bank account), by guarantees and warranties;
  • Usually the object of investment must be mortgaged;
  • If needed, other loan security measures may be acceptable to financer;
  • Mortgaged property must be valuated by independent property valuators acceptable to financer;
  • Mortgaged real estate must be insured for the benefit of financer in market or balance-sheet value for the entire loan period in an insurance company acceptable to financer.

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